Friday, December 21, 2012

Dooms day @ Friday

Well my dooms day was a very SLEEPY DAY..
i think i woke up at 3.00pm..:)

heh..i know,super late..nothing much...even i was super lazy and didnt workout that days...

on the east coast,everyday rain....heavily.....................

 and for my dad birthday,i think i'll be buying him ...................hurm...still thinking...............

and for myself an iphone 5 but it was over budget...well its ok...nothing much to talk not in the mood..


Saturday, December 15, 2012


Currently i am barely super busy with work,work,work and things.
As you all know i've lost ma phong yoooo!
Im kindda like ze HTC with ze windowz 8 thingy..ze blue one...its super handsome aite?
wanna sneak peek? gambi utk kamu semua menilai 

but too bad this phone cannot download app so much..only certain app ajer..

I like using coloured skin phone..such as above..super neony aiiite?? me likeyy
but recently i google about this phone,they doesnt have instagram app..damn it..but there is INSTAGRILLE.
it is similar to instagram tough..

my second choice would be.................em....wait...still thinking..........................................


Galaxy Note 2? but too many people using it kan??? i know....they didnt have any striking colour likey but i dong knowwww...
ze phone had this app S BEAM..its super duper cooler than htc..hahaha

Friday, November 9, 2012

Lost my phone

as you all know,according to my post title,

my phone went missing and really had been stolen..
no worries...bukan rezeki saya kan...


thank you so much torch merah ku yg telah berjasa selama 1 tahun 9 bulan ini...

no other phone can replace you...:( take care love

* to all my friend out there,who knows me...please do email me your phone number ( i'll be retrieving my sim card later and still using the old number...

Monday, November 5, 2012

so,you've read it..

i know how you feel,thats is how i feel...SAD and angry too..
now everything cleared..
from this moment,you can forget me as your friend and maybe someday you'll find better friend than me..
im not good,cursing people thats is me,but really i never says bad word to my close friend until they hurt me badly like now...
hopefully there is always good friend really waiting for you after me..qada and qadar..

enough with the sadness and let cheer up for my........................

NEW BORN BABY KITTENs that i've been waiting SOOOOO LOONGGG....

there is 5 babies but turnout bad that one of the kitten died..
the most tiny baby i ever seen,live only for a day...RIP

now only left,black,white,orange and stripes....

how cool is that?? i waited so long for ze white-_-.....................

ok,need to workout my belly..

Saturday, November 3, 2012

a night stand with friends

Holloween night at Sunway area.
Spend a day shopping in Sunway pyramid with kim and movein.
it was awesome!!
seriously this is an adventure,gambling sleeping at cheap hotel..
best gile!
at 10++ went out with kim,movein,big bro,hariz and mimi to uptown.
went back at 3 am~
damn late i know....
before sleep,had a chit chat with bro classmates,mimi.
she's awesome.

and the worst part ..........................

I didnt get to shop so much!

the next day we went to genting theme park..this is my first time going to..
its raining up there..

damn cold but i had fun with big bro friends..
hariz was the funniest!

today,im working...
i had a blessed weekend..

next mission,work to earn money and i'll plan my next gateaway again...


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pissed Off

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha guys..
this raya meant a lot to me...and lot of things happened that i didn't expect..
owh and the worst my car over heating..
Damn...thats not fun at all...i swear am i suppose to go anywhere?

and im so damn angry at a friend..
i dont see how people knows how much hard for me to spend/steal my time with them..
how ungreatful you all!
dont you put an effort to be my friend as i did to you all!!

that right i'll be selfish like hell,
now its my turn to be care to people who cares about me ONLY!
i just dont understand a bullshit reason everytime i ask you out.
what i ask doesnt hard at all...just go out like 30 min..nnti kau kate aku buzy keje bagai kan??
or if youre not intrested to be my friend then you can get out from FRIEND list lah!
i dont bother you no more.


Good Morning Monday.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

my funny daddy

on a calm evening..
i over heard his conversation with his friends while im doing some work at my desk..
it about..........................................well....this is funny...

it about Tudung Fareeda..
his conversation sound like this :" blablablabla....awak tahu x tudung tu berape ringgit? ratusan ringgit tau! ishishish,tudung pun sampai ratus2...budak2 zaman sekarang"

luckily his daughter only wear rm10 tudung..hehehe..
the most expensive tudung i got is only from aidijuma rm 48..thats it..

thats my funny daddy and most sporting daddy in this whole wide world but.......
 once he's not in the mood better watch out..hahaha..
there's maybe flying cheque book or pen in the office :o
i've seen the scene before...scary...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Super Fridaayy

i had great friday yesterday!
jogging at 7am in the RAIN~~~ how great was that..? right? 
and at 5pm went to kuantan just to buy A new tudung from
chatting and gossiping while eating at mcdonald.
had good time with you guys..thanks though
*someone sit on my bread! its so sad cause i didnt even eat those bread yet..hurm....................

today i got dance class...super excited! cant wait...
i wanna try pole dancing and belly dancing though but unavailable here.damn!
then i'll be searching for swimming classes pulak..any swimming class here in kemaman or kuantan?

next goal,
straighten my teeth and colour my hair..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

im having fever :(

Yup,this post caption clears everything

but wait..

my fever is on korean dramas actually..


love the hero and heroin..
mmg cantik2 and hensome2 semua!
 gosh...i want one !

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3rd purchase

today is my third purchase with fashion valet..
i know the puchasing still can count..haha
i prefer fashion valet than others online shop.the service was great!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


i heard that secret recipe offers buy one free one cake todayyyy!
but only for layer cheese cake? eh...rase nye kot lah sbb dgr dlm red fm aje..hikhik..

been busy lately with my work.
tons of paperwork to do..
my beautiful girlfriend cook <3 waffle for me *she just told me <3
im wearing my baju sekolah today..haha..will update later for my wear..
so....wassup guys and girl? happy october anyway..

me? im fine...doing great here in kemaman..working all day long..
whopps..kemaman starts raining nowdays..humph...hopefully xde bah la..

by the way,congratulation on fv winning the myeg make the pitch..i just love fv!


serial killer is here.k bye..


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Garfield Again?

Garfield life time..
the increasing of aging and cuteness of garfield!

 and garfield look less fat..right?

he hate morning? but i love morning so much! 

haha,this is funny face..
i like working and my face definitely not like garfield working face lah :)

i want this!
bite you garfield! grrr <3

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Garfield in kemaman?

Last Tuesday went to a pet shop here in kemaman..
I found a cat that is so fat.................FAT...
and the name was Garfield...yeah same with the cartoon Garfield..

both picture from google :)

nearly the same..get it?? hehe

start my morning with vege drink,and awesome background songs!
happy working guys!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to GOOGLE :)
 on 27th september 2012 google turn 14!

from one to fourteen and still counting...
my fav search engine so far..

thank you google <3

Monday, September 24, 2012

Horror Week!

found a big monster the toilet..
and of course i will never ever enter toilet...but the spider dissapear!!

the next day found it DEAD in prayer room...pity and scary too!

yesterday,i was folding my laundry, and.....................................a MENGKARUNG appear!

humph..CRAZY WEEK!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

i'll be missing you,baby....part 4

on the part 4,i'll be showing you guy my handsome cat named putih.

putih alone pic and putih with the owner..weeee

my handsome cat..

so white..just mandi..hikhikhik
he like taking bath..i have no problem bathing Putih..Putih is the most easiest cat to take care!

my baby,Putih.

i miss those memory..
playing so much with putih 

end of story about my precious cat named PUTIH

Thursday, September 20, 2012

i'll be missing you,baby..part 3

Introducing Putih best friend,Batik the female cat

Batik pop out from no where at my work place and she was so close with Putih.
At first i thought Batik is Putih girlfriend but i dont think so, cause Batik never get pregnant..haha

then i guess Batik is just Putih BFF:)

i have no idea what were they doing..
flirting? or playing?

only putih and batik knows:)

happy friday guys:)

to be continue in part 4...


To Xiaxue.

Congratulation on your first pregnancy.

From a reader

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i'll be missing you,baby...part 2

on my last post i was telling you guys about my beloved PUTIH morning routine only right?

so on this post i guess i'll me showing you all time Putih fav hobby..

SLEEPING in style :)

kept me safe while working alone..

sleeping on a hole..putih so calm..

the hole suck putih in..but still sleeping..hehe

whoppss,Batik wakes Putih up...aiyokkkkkk

a hot sunny afternoon...wish i could sleep like u darling..:)

9gag version: sleep like a boss..
seriously this is my boss seat and the boss love this cat so much tooo!!

Putih sleeps everywhere..

Sleeping on my work..hikhikhik..

Hiding his face...hikhikhik...mode: sleeping

putih still can sleep on a bagpack...and look so calm..

sleeps on the corner because i dont wanna play with him..sory,i got so many work to do darling..

on the left corner. sleeps on my basket....

he fits so well in the basket aite?

sleepy head to dream world

one day while im doing my work and putih sleeps in the basket and his head move on my hand, a second after his hand held on my hand like hugging..

i was touched,this cat means a lot to me...

on ramadhan,im the one fasting and sleepy but i think they felt more than i am :)

seeking attention from me..

silently sleeping on my desk...imy:(

i think putih thinks the room was too bright..hence did this..

curi tulang at prayer room..haip!

the last picture taken before he dissapeared..

Putih,may you always be safe no matter where you are..
eat a lot putih,dont be skinny..

lots of love,your owner

to be continue.. in part 3

I'll be missing you,baby..Part 1

PUTIH the loyal and most friendly cat.
putih will always be remember.
i lost my cat a week before raya and i always hoping it would come back to me again.
a friend told me its normal if your male cat disappear for a very long time.
but that is not NOT normal to me since i love this cat so much and no other cat could replace it.:(
 below some of my memory with my beloved cat.


say if you found the cat please do contact me at

every morning after i send my little brother to school,i usually went straight to office even at 7.20am.
as i reach my office every morning,i will park my car infront of the shop and stays there for few minute,
because of this cat,as i open the door he'll come to me and sniff the door for a bit and jump into my car
i didn't hurt my cat on above picture.Putih wont stay still,so i help la..hihi 

to be continue...