Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pissed Off

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha guys..
this raya meant a lot to me...and lot of things happened that i didn't expect..
owh and the worst my car over heating..
Damn...thats not fun at all...i swear am i suppose to go anywhere?

and im so damn angry at a friend..
i dont see how people knows how much hard for me to spend/steal my time with them..
how ungreatful you all!
dont you put an effort to be my friend as i did to you all!!

that right i'll be selfish like hell,
now its my turn to be care to people who cares about me ONLY!
i just dont understand a bullshit reason everytime i ask you out.
what i ask doesnt hard at all...just go out like 30 min..nnti kau kate aku buzy keje bagai kan??
or if youre not intrested to be my friend then you can get out from FRIEND list lah!
i dont bother you no more.


Good Morning Monday.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

my funny daddy

on a calm evening..
i over heard his conversation with his friends while im doing some work at my desk..
it about..........................................well....this is funny...

it about Tudung Fareeda..
his conversation sound like this :" blablablabla....awak tahu x tudung tu berape ringgit? ratusan ringgit tau! ishishish,tudung pun sampai ratus2...budak2 zaman sekarang"

luckily his daughter only wear rm10 tudung..hehehe..
the most expensive tudung i got is only from aidijuma rm 48..thats it..

thats my funny daddy and most sporting daddy in this whole wide world but.......
 once he's not in the mood better watch out..hahaha..
there's maybe flying cheque book or pen in the office :o
i've seen the scene before...scary...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Super Fridaayy

i had great friday yesterday!
jogging at 7am in the RAIN~~~ how great was that..? right? 
and at 5pm went to kuantan just to buy A new tudung from
chatting and gossiping while eating at mcdonald.
had good time with you guys..thanks though
*someone sit on my bread! its so sad cause i didnt even eat those bread yet..hurm....................

today i got dance class...super excited! cant wait...
i wanna try pole dancing and belly dancing though but unavailable here.damn!
then i'll be searching for swimming classes pulak..any swimming class here in kemaman or kuantan?

next goal,
straighten my teeth and colour my hair..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

im having fever :(

Yup,this post caption clears everything

but wait..

my fever is on korean dramas actually..


love the hero and heroin..
mmg cantik2 and hensome2 semua!
 gosh...i want one !

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3rd purchase

today is my third purchase with fashion valet..
i know the puchasing still can count..haha
i prefer fashion valet than others online shop.the service was great!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


i heard that secret recipe offers buy one free one cake todayyyy!
but only for layer cheese cake? eh...rase nye kot lah sbb dgr dlm red fm aje..hikhik..

been busy lately with my work.
tons of paperwork to do..
my beautiful girlfriend cook <3 waffle for me *she just told me <3
im wearing my baju sekolah today..haha..will update later for my wear..
so....wassup guys and girl? happy october anyway..

me? im fine...doing great here in kemaman..working all day long..
whopps..kemaman starts raining nowdays..humph...hopefully xde bah la..

by the way,congratulation on fv winning the myeg make the pitch..i just love fv!


serial killer is here.k bye..


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Garfield Again?

Garfield life time..
the increasing of aging and cuteness of garfield!

 and garfield look less fat..right?

he hate morning? but i love morning so much! 

haha,this is funny face..
i like working and my face definitely not like garfield working face lah :)

i want this!
bite you garfield! grrr <3