Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Garfield in kemaman?

Last Tuesday went to a pet shop here in kemaman..
I found a cat that is so fat.................FAT...
and the name was Garfield...yeah same with the cartoon Garfield..

both picture from google :)

nearly the same..get it?? hehe

start my morning with vege drink,and awesome background songs!
happy working guys!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to GOOGLE :)
 on 27th september 2012 google turn 14!

from one to fourteen and still counting...
my fav search engine so far..

thank you google <3

Monday, September 24, 2012

Horror Week!

found a big monster the toilet..
and of course i will never ever enter toilet...but the spider dissapear!!

the next day found it DEAD in prayer room...pity and scary too!

yesterday,i was folding my laundry, and.....................................a MENGKARUNG appear!

humph..CRAZY WEEK!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

i'll be missing you,baby....part 4

on the part 4,i'll be showing you guy my handsome cat named putih.

putih alone pic and putih with the owner..weeee

my handsome cat..

so white..just mandi..hikhikhik
he like taking bath..i have no problem bathing Putih..Putih is the most easiest cat to take care!

my baby,Putih.

i miss those memory..
playing so much with putih 

end of story about my precious cat named PUTIH

Thursday, September 20, 2012

i'll be missing you,baby..part 3

Introducing Putih best friend,Batik the female cat

Batik pop out from no where at my work place and she was so close with Putih.
At first i thought Batik is Putih girlfriend but i dont think so, cause Batik never get pregnant..haha

then i guess Batik is just Putih BFF:)

i have no idea what were they doing..
flirting? or playing?

only putih and batik knows:)

happy friday guys:)

to be continue in part 4...


To Xiaxue.

Congratulation on your first pregnancy.

From a reader

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i'll be missing you,baby...part 2

on my last post i was telling you guys about my beloved PUTIH morning routine only right?

so on this post i guess i'll me showing you all time Putih fav hobby..

SLEEPING in style :)

kept me safe while working alone..

sleeping on a hole..putih so calm..

the hole suck putih in..but still sleeping..hehe

whoppss,Batik wakes Putih up...aiyokkkkkk

a hot sunny afternoon...wish i could sleep like u darling..:)

9gag version: sleep like a boss..
seriously this is my boss seat and the boss love this cat so much tooo!!

Putih sleeps everywhere..

Sleeping on my work..hikhikhik..

Hiding his face...hikhikhik...mode: sleeping

putih still can sleep on a bagpack...and look so calm..

sleeps on the corner because i dont wanna play with him..sory,i got so many work to do darling..

on the left corner. sleeps on my basket....

he fits so well in the basket aite?

sleepy head to dream world

one day while im doing my work and putih sleeps in the basket and his head move on my hand, a second after his hand held on my hand like hugging..

i was touched,this cat means a lot to me...

on ramadhan,im the one fasting and sleepy but i think they felt more than i am :)

seeking attention from me..

silently sleeping on my desk...imy:(

i think putih thinks the room was too bright..hence did this..

curi tulang at prayer room..haip!

the last picture taken before he dissapeared..

Putih,may you always be safe no matter where you are..
eat a lot putih,dont be skinny..

lots of love,your owner

to be continue.. in part 3

I'll be missing you,baby..Part 1

PUTIH the loyal and most friendly cat.
putih will always be remember.
i lost my cat a week before raya and i always hoping it would come back to me again.
a friend told me its normal if your male cat disappear for a very long time.
but that is not NOT normal to me since i love this cat so much and no other cat could replace it.:(
 below some of my memory with my beloved cat.


say if you found the cat please do contact me at

every morning after i send my little brother to school,i usually went straight to office even at 7.20am.
as i reach my office every morning,i will park my car infront of the shop and stays there for few minute,
because of this cat,as i open the door he'll come to me and sniff the door for a bit and jump into my car
i didn't hurt my cat on above picture.Putih wont stay still,so i help la..hihi 

to be continue...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Malaysia Day

Hello again and happy malaysia day.

im off from work today,yesterday my former officemate was in da house again!
have fun doing acc together,solve complicated transection tugetharrrr...FUN!

i did so many things today,pulling out those nasty weeds from my dad garden...but hey! those weed full with fat and skinny caterpillar first i was pulling the weed like super fast and then taking short break,this time realize the caterpillars...i think it was a handful of them! my many of them..yucks!
i only pull 3/4 weeds...the rest i didn't get the guts to pull out them all...i think those caterpillars might weight 1 kg kot..hahaha...

finish with the caterpillar story.

went out with big brother to supermarket,bought some zucchini and tomatos.
lost my tamper to two girl at the super market.i yell so loud.don't wanna talk bout this.

taking bath,and here i am updating my blog.
resident evil is out.wanna go watch at tgv later. toodle~

i'll updating sooner.happy holiday guys

may we both change toward good muslim,insyaallah.

Friday, September 14, 2012

a month of syawal

As you all know,I already deleted my previous blog..
and as i told you that i will create a new blog for me to write more about my current life story.
naa...wasn't much about me unless i was so damn busy with work..seriously busy and this effect my health,social life,family,friends and relationship.

whoopss...forgot, Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri for all muslim.
This year syawal meant so much to me.A day after i came back from Johore i started working and some of my friends came to my house its shiela,epah,kim and family,adeline,wen xi,efunk,sera,wani,wanie and uzair.

At this very end of syawal,fitri and family came to my house for beraya.It was fun watching Pirate of Caribbean 3: World Ends with fitri's little brother and sister.The movie quite funny though with the little man firing a canon and he fell down,aand the scene where as the witch monkey shaking cold...damn funny!

I Wake up quite early today since its Friday,I manage to do so many things.Laundry,mopping,clean my room,my toilet and my precious heels.LOL..

Btw,my blog still under maintenance,I'll be upgrading my blog skin sooner, so please wait patiently guys:)

my only siblings,my power rangers